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The St. Luke’s Remembers project over the Remembrance Weekend proved to be a resounding success as people from all ages and from near and far descended on St Luke’s Church in Winchester to view the sea of remembrance made of over 2000 flowers of remembrance and each bore the name of someone who had served and who died in action or a veteran who has since passed away. 
The Children of Stanmore School also participated by creating their own flowers of remembrance that formed a tribute to children who have died during war and conflict and a special place of remembrance. 
The event opened on the Friday with a service of reflection and remembrance to mark the 100th Anniversary of Passchendaele conducted by the Reverend Mike Gardner – Vicar of St Luke’s and attended by the Mayor of Winchester and residents. There was a parade of standard bearers at the start of the service and during the Act of Remembrance Lieutenant Commander Tony Crisp RN {Retd) sounded the last post and reveille. Cllr Martin Tod gave a reading during the service from a letter from Passchendaele and other readings were given during the service by parishioners. After the service the sea of remembrance was viewed by all present. 
On Armistice Day, there was a short act of remembrance at 1100hrs conducted by Revd. Mike attended by 25 residents and during the day a steady flow of visitors came to St Luke’s to view the flowers including families of those who have been killed in past and recent conflicts. 
On Remembrance Sunday, St Luke’s was full for a service of remembrance for all ages which started with a parade of standards from the uniformed organisations and over 70 young people paraded and were joined by over 130 adults from the local community and further afield. During the service conducted by Revd. Mike, Parishioner Kay Hassell gave a moving talk to the young people about her Uncle who was a Padre in World War Two and who was killed in Action but received the George Medal for his courage and support for others. The service ended as the parish joined in the National Silence at 1100hrs. 
During the afternoon more, people visited the sea of remembrance before the sun set over a remarkable weekend of reflection surrounded by over 2000 flowers of remembrance and where over 2500 people were remembered.