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The Veterans Pre-Paid Funeral Plan 

The Veterans Pre-Paid Funeral Plan has been created in association with Veterans and their families to provide an inclusive funeral package for Veterans and their families 
If you are interested in a booklet explaining the plan and the current prices, please email Mark at with your name and address and the pack will be sent to you as soon as possible. 
Funerals can be and many people worry that when they die, they won’t leave enough money for their funeral. This seems to be an increasing problem, and many do not realise that your own family then become liable to cover the cost of your funeral. 
With a funeral plan, you arrange and pay for it in advance and provide peace of mind for those left behind to mourn your passing. 
You can arrange a funeral plan for your own funeral or for someone else’s, as long as the funeral will be held in the UK. 
How do they work? 
You pay either a lump sum or instalments to the plan provider. Your money is then invested in a private trust fund to ensure that your money is safeguarded until the time of need and thus ensuring that it is used to provide the funeral that you have paid for. It is not held with the funeral director. 
What does a funeral plan cover? 
The Veteran’s Funeral Plan covers the cost of a funeral using the services of an independent funeral director. Our plans clearly state what is included in the package and the plan is allocated to a funeral director who affirms the affordable funerals for veterans. Each plan can be adjusted to incorporate variations in costs dependent on the local prices but we will advise you of this before you agree to take a plan with us. 
The cost of a burial plot is often not included, and neither are costs that are not usually met by the funeral director, such as the cost of flowers and catering 
Next steps 
If you are interested in a veteran’s funeral plan, let us know and we will send an information pack to you in the post along with some additional information. 
We will also send you a link where you can sign up for the funeral plan and the payment options 
When you take out the plan, you will receive notification from the funeral plan provider and you need to ensure that your next of kin are also aware if this, so that they know that your funeral is paid for and where the paperwork is kept. 
We can also advise on Wills, Estates and Probate 
Cost of the Veterans Pre-Paid Plans 
The Plan price starts from £2895 and full information can be found in the booklet