Free advice and support for veterans and their families experiencing bereavement. 
We are pleased to announce that the National Lottery has awarded the Veterans Bereavement Support service a grant to aid the opening of our initial support centre project for the next Year. We are grateful for their support and now have the task of raising the additional money to help us move forward for the benefit of Veterans and their families. 
The board of Veterans Bereavement Support Services have agreed to appoint some new chaplains to support the spiritual needs of families who contact us. The names of these chaplains will appear shortly and are drawn from various faiths. 
To re-assure everyone - Paul who is our founder is also a trained and certified Counsellor, he is also a trained and certified event planner, an experienced funeral celebrant. For many years he was an independent minister but no longer fulfils this role publically or privately He does not get paid for any of the work he undertakes with Veterans Bereavement Support Services. We as an organisation are eternally grateful for the dedication and support he provides for all Veterans and their families throughout the UK every day of the year. 
We will shortly be looking for someone to take over the day to day running of the Veterans Bereavement Support Service offices in Romsey. A full job description is currently being written and will be posted along with the advert in due course