Free advice and support for veterans and their families experiencing bereavement. 

 Leavers Support  

When men and women leave the services, no one expects or realises that this transition is not only highly stressful but also causes significant insecurity. After many years of service to our Country, these men and women who have served are back in the community and they have lost the comradeship and support that they have grown to appreciate over the years. At the same time families have made the heart wrenching moves away from the network of forces families. 
For many who leave the forces, this is like the loss of someone through death and more families are telling us that they do experience loss and the sense of bereavement after the initial transition stages. 
Our leavers support network will bring together those who have experienced the loss process and security of being in the forces and those who are starting to experience these levels of grief and together work to find a way forward and a clear journey.