Free advice and support for veterans and their families experiencing bereavement. 
At Veterans Bereavement Support we have been looking into the issue of Veterans in care homes who experience loneliness and how we can relieve this through a befriending or visiting service – which we are calling our Buddies Scheme. 
We have been undertaking a consultation exercise in recent months with Nursing Homes across Southern England and beyond to ascertain the number of people who have served in the forces who have entered care in either Nursing Homes or Care Homes. We have found that there are an increasing number of veterans who have no immediate family members who visit on a regular basis and sadly quite a few have no family at all. 
From our research we have also sadly found that these men and women have minimal and often no visitors at all, so lack the interaction with the outside world and live in their own thoughts most of the time unless they are interacting with the care staff and other residents. 
We also found that in many cases those in care have experienced bereavement and loss of family members and that there was a need to provide support for them. 
We have therefore created a new programme of support for these people, whereby, a scheme is created of visitors that encourage social interaction and at the same time create a small number of dedicated visitors who ensure that they are visited at least once a week. 
Our Buddies scheme will be launched by Spring 2018 and we will be recruiting volunteers and undertaking the appropriate checks and training before this special project starts. 
If anyone is interested in being part of this Buddie Scheme please email Emma at