Free advice and support for veterans and their families experiencing bereavement. 
Have you ever thought about what you want for your funeral? 
You probably already know whether you want to be buried or cremated, but what about the details? 
Where do you want your funeral to be held? 
Do you want readings and, if so, which ones and read by whom? 
Perhaps there's even a particular route you would like your hearse to take. 
Many people make no provision on how they would like their lives celebrated when the pass away, and we have found it difficult to find out people’s wishes amongst piles of paperwork, and this can cause distress for those left behind to mourn your passing. 
To help you do this, Veterans Bereavement Support Services have created a Funeral Wishes document. It's a simple form which lets you create a personal funeral plan that reflects you as an individual. 
The VBSS Funeral Wishes Document is completely free and simple to do: just fill in the sections that are important to you. You can always revisit the form if you want to add additional details. However, bear in mind that a funeral is above all an occasion for your family and friends to express their grief and celebrate your life, so don’t feel you need to dictate every aspect of it. 
Once filled in, put the form in a safe place - letting a loved one know where it is; you might even like to give a copy to someone for safekeeping. 
If you would like us to send you a form in the post, please send your name and address to