Free advice and support for veterans and their families experiencing bereavement. 


We believe that every man and women who has served in the Armed Forces and Merchant Navy deserves a dignified funeral that respects their own individual service to our Country over the years. Many veterans have indicted their wishes in last wishes requests when writing their wills, whilst others do not realise that they can have a military ceremonial aspect for their final journey. 
Our ceremonial team, work directly with the family and the funeral directors to provide all aspects of the ceremonial funerals at no cost to the family so that there is a dignified and coordinated funeral with the permission from the family to arrange this. 
After discussions with many families over the years and with Councils and Funeral Directors - we all agree that a dignified funeral is always the best option and hence we do not encourage mass funerals attended by the unknown but prefer regimental attendance on a smaller scale to allow time for the deceased's family and friends to mourn their loved one and still have the connection to their military service. 
Please look at the other pages under this heading for more in-depth information on our funeral support services.  
We are not funeral directors and cannot organise a funeral direct with you, but we can signpost you to a local funeral director who has experience of veterans funerals over many years and many have served themselves.