Free advice and support for veterans and their families experiencing bereavement. 


When someone passes away, there is a minefield of paperwork and unanswered questions relating to benefits and the rights of those left behind. No matter what the age of the deceased. 
Through the support of our volunteer advisers who themselves are drawn from former service men and women and who are trained in Advice and Informatoon support we will work to be able to advise on help with benefits, funeral payments and widow/widower benefits to enable you to secure financial assistance at the time of greater need 
We will also work with families as they cover the complex issues of dealing with Service Pension rights and the complexities of paperwork associated with Wills and Probate.  
The latter is in association with the military specialists for Wills and Probate and we will also continue to assure that everyone who serves and has served can access a free service for Wills. 
In addition to the services related to bereavement care and support, we are currently developing more generic advice and information services and recruiting more volunteer advisers for our national helpline 
We are now adding fact sheets to our site so that you have access to the best information at the time you need it and from one dedicated resource point rather than spending hours searching for the details.  
Our advice and information services are free of charge